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Chelsea SES receive Police Commendation

Police Commendation Awarded To Chelsea SES


Chelsea SES members at the award presentation

Chelsea SES unit members were recently recognised by Victoria Police for their work at an Edithvale murder scene in January of this year. Just after 6am on Sunday morning (24/01/2010) Chelsea SES were called to assist Police at the scene of a Murder in Edithvale. Three vehicles and 13 volunteer members attended and were tasked with cordoning off the intersection of Montrose Avenue and Rae Avenue to isolate the crime scene and later undertook a search of gardens along Rae Avenue. Members were on scene from 6.30am until almost 3.30pm then; returning to LHQ for a debrief and standing down just after 4.30pm.


Chelsea member Phil Wall with Divisional Superintendent Lucinda Nolan

Divisional Superintendent, Lucinda Nolan, was on hand to present the unit with a Divisional Commendation at the Chelsea Police Station on the 27th of April. The Commendation was for the work that Chelsea undertook that morning to preserve the crime scene as well as close off the entire scene due to the close proximity of a local milk bar where there was the real chance of children arriving to buy Mum and Dad’s Sunday morning paper whilst the body was still in clear view.

 In presenting the commendation, Superintendent Nolan said “local Police spoke to the Officer in Charge of the Forensic Unit and the members of the Homicide Squad on the morning in question and they were very impressed with the manner that the Chelsea SES members worked. They observed very strict crime scene discipline in their movements around the area and carried out their duties in a calming manner.


Chelsea members along with Superintendent Nolan, Chelsea Police Senior Officer, Senior Sgt Chris James and 2 Chelsea officers who also received Commendations on the day

The Divisional Commendation Citation to Chelsea SES reads; “For professionalism and dedication providing excellent assistance to Police at the scene of a serious crime at Edithvale on 24 January 2010.


The Divisional Citation awarded to Chelsea SES

Both local Police, and members of the Homicide Squad, thanked Chelsea SES; praising the volunteer members for the way in which they had assisted at the scene in what was a difficult and very sad situation for everyone concerned.

The members were also told on the day that letters of thanks regarding this job had been sent to VICSES CEO Mary Barry, from local Police as well as the Homicide Squad back in January and all concerned are looking forward to them being sent on to the unit to be shared by all volunteer members.


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