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Precision Parking...Or just plain lucky?

A Lucky Escape For Sleeping Chelsea Resident


The scene that greeted Chelsea SES on arrival at the scene

Just before 2.30am on Saturday morning (8/5/2010) Chelsea SES were called to assist with building damage at the corner of Argyle Avenue and Scotch Parade in Chelsea.


The taxi came to rest here when it spun following the collision

On arrival at the scene, it immediately became apparent just what had caused the damage, a White Toyota Supra and a taxi had collided at the intersection spearing the Supra onto the property and into the house.


The Supra was badly damaged after smashing into the Chelsea property

The car had smashed into the front bedroom of the house where the occupant had been sleeping. The screech of breaks had woken her just seconds before the massive impact as the car hit and shattered the bedroom wall and window.


The Supra and the tree...Precision parking or just lucky?

Amazingly, the Supra had avoided a very large tree in the front yard of the property, coming to rest between it and the house.


The uninvited guest

Luckily for all concerned neither the drivers of the 2 cars involved in the initial collision, or the occupant of the house suffered any injuries, although the very rude awakening of the sleeping resident obviously left her more than a little shaken. To say that all concerned were lucky is an understatement.


The impact smashed through the brickwork causing considerable damage inside and out of the property


Extensive damage to the passenger side of the Supra following the collision with the Taxi

Chelsea SES Rescue 1, Rescue 2 and Transport with 8 members on board set about assessing the damage with the City of Kingston structural engineer and once the car had been removed began making the front wall safe using acrow props. CFA were called to spread sand on a patch of oil that had been left on the intersection by the Supra.


TV News crew filming the incident

After 2 hours at the scene, Chelsea members returned to their LHQ and were then stood down to go back home to bed leaving them to ponder the precision parking attributes of the Supra driver in avoiding the tree; of course, had he hit it, it would certainly have delivered a far worse scenario. So; precision parking or just plain good luck?











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