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WOW Day 2012

Thanks for the great support!


Aspendale Gardens Primary School on WOW day

SES Awareness Week  is here again and in 2012 the students and staff of Aspendale Gardens Primary School have outdone themselves with the support shown to the volunteer members of Chelsea SES.


Who ya gonna call?


Go tough!


Is that the biggest bow tie you've ever seen?


Now that hair is ORANGE!


Just a couple of mates hangin around on WOW day


Was great to see everyone getting involved


So many different shades of Orange


But all really cool; thanks so much guys!

Just one of those stories where you really don't need words as the pictures say it all. This year sadly, WOW day came in a rush in amongst a really busy year and so many local schools and businesses were unable to fit it in, but be assured that next year will be bigger and better. Having said that; a huge thank you to everyone who shows their support in so many ways during the year, we can't begin to tell you just how much we all appreciate it.

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