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Tin Shake Fundraiser

Chelsea members slip slop slap to raise funds


Under starters orders for our big tin shake

Volunteer members from Chelsea SES Unit braved one of the hottest day since last Summer to shake their respective cans at the intersection of Edithvale Road and Station Street in Edithvale today, (24/11/2012). The occasion was a major fundraiser for the Chelsea Unit to allow them to continue to serve their community whenever it calls for assistance.


Our home away from home over the next 8 hours

Chelsea PR Officer Phil Wall, said "it was really important to thank the members who gave up their time at such a busy time of year to do such an important thing for the unit and the community as a whole." "Out of our 45 to 50 members, we had 16 people who made themselves available and to those people go our sincere thanks.


The first of many donations to come...at least we  hope so!

 Special thanks also to Evette who has put in so much ground work arranging the paperwork to allow this to happen and to Melissa and Martin who just so happen to live very close to the intersection and have opened their home as a temporary LHQ for us to be fed and watered and toileted, thanks guys!


Worth coming out on such a hot day for this sensational lunch, thanks guys, XXX


Everyone got into the spirit of giving

Whether on 4 wheels or 2 wheels, everyone was happy to give a little or a lot to help Chelsea SES and we would encourage more of the same as the day goes on.



Orange people everywhere at the intersection of Edithvale Road & Station Street

The day is getting hotter and the queues of cars heading to the beach is getting longer and the tins are getting fuller; a great way to spend a day with the crew form Chelsea SES


Our little home away from home

Around 1pm we had our change of shift for a couple of members, but sadly due to lower numbers for the afternoon, many volunteers had to stay all day and the heat was turning up, but typical of the style of the Chelsea team, it was onwards and upwards for the last half of the day. In one act of random kindness, a car travelling through the intersection stopped at a red light and threw 2 boxes of icy poles at one of our members, "you look like you could use these!" Not quite as random as we thought, it was Evette's Sister Sharon, thanks so much, they were great!



Adrian receives another donation from a grateful motorist.

Adrian got straight down to work when he arrived with donations continuing to come thick and fast!


Go get em Bruno

He did an amazing job and didn't stop walking for his entire shift, walked for kilometers and never left the intersection?


Where did they all go?

Bruno was so efficient, sometimes he was quicker than the cars, where did they go?


It was important to keep hydrated in the heat


 Good job mate!

Days like this with such amazing results can only happen when a real team of people with a common goal work together to achieve. At the end of the day after counting was completed and checked, we raised a total of $7,400.00 and every volunteer member of Chelsea SES would like to sincerely thank you all for every donation no matter how big or small it was all brilliant.

Huge thanks to the following members:

Ron, Evette, Ria, Steve, Phil, Deb, Megan, Matthew, Jade, Ryan, Shane, Hans, Nickolai, Bruno, Adrian & Richard; plus Melissa & Martin for their sensational hospitality all day. Fantastic effort guys and well done!

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