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New members undertake General Rescue

Last team for 2012 go through assessment


The assment is underway for our latest team

As 2012 draws to a close, members from Chelsea SES were put through their paces today (01/12/2012) for their General Rescue Assessment.


 Reality is essential to prepare the team for every eventuality

 General Rescue is the culmination of all of the fundamental training that each new member goes through to teach them the skills needed to work in the situations that operational SES members find themselves.


The 'A' (Assessment) Team


Sorry, can't talk now as I'm a little tied up

The day is spilt into practical and theory elements and members must pass both to attain their General Rescue status.


Preparing to move the casualty with the help of the 'Z' Pulley System


Continuous checking and risk assessment are vital

The practical section consists of 3 stands or scenarios incorporating various elements from fundamentals training including knots and lashings, ladders and lights and generators. Members train in 4 elements and on the assessment day 3 are chosen to be undertaken.


Moving on to the next stand


Great team work from the Chelsea team

Stands are made as realistic as possible to ensure that members can identify hazards and risks in the same way they will need to as a fully operational member of the team.


Doing well but it's not over yet

And now for the best news of all. each of the members have passes with flying colours and so the local, community now has 3 more fully fledged operational members to once again bolster the number of members availa\ble to continue the work of the volunteer members of Chelsea SES. Huge thanks go to all of our members who help out on these days and make it possible for our members to be assessed at their own unit, thanks all.

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