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Happy New Year

Chelsea SES gets a warm welcome to 2013


The Chelsea crew sitrep the fire

It didn’t take long into the New Year for the services of Chelsea SES to be called for.


Prepare to launch!

At 5.47am on New Year’s Day, the pager went off with a pinch and a punch for the 1st of the month, to assist our CFA colleagues with a boat crew to get them onto an island to extinguish a small fire in an old tree trunk.


The offending tree trunk

It appears that a New Years Eve fireworks display on the island, in the middle of a manmade lake within the Waterways estate, had resulted in embers getting inside the tree and later in the night, igniting, until a passerby, on an early morning walk, saw the flames and called 000.


A quick safety breifing before getting underway

When the brigade from Springvale CFA arrived on scene, it quickly became apparent that the only way to fight the fire was with the assistance of a boat and so the crew from Chelsea were called in.


Gettinmg the hose to the fire without fouling the prop

6 volunteer members in Chelsea Rescue 3 and Chelsea Transport with an IRB in tow were soon on site, but with no boat ramp in the area, a makeshift launching point needed to be found. A small beach area, unfortunately at the opposite end of the lake to where the fire was located, was selected and the IRB was soon on the water with 2 members heading for their passengers.


The begining of the end

With hoses joined together to cover the distance from their truck to the seat of the fire, 2 CFA members were soon on board, joining our 2 SES crew and heading for the island.


Just about out

There was a chance that the tree may have needed to be cut down to ensure that it was completely out and so a second CFA member with chainsaw needed to be carried over to the fire so a second trip was made.


A second trip to take another CFA member over


Water everywhere but it still had to be pumped from the fire engine

However, on further inspection and with a little more water, it was deemed safe and the tree was able to remain which made some local residents happy as it seems that it is home to a number of native birds in the area..


Extra water saved the tree from being cut down

Once in place, it didn’t take long for the fire to be put out and then the return trip to dry land saw the job as good as done showing a fantastic example of volunteer cooperation at its best.


Jobs done and the return trip means keeping the hoses clear

The boat crews at Chelsea have had plenty of time on the water over this New Years Eve period with the same IRB and Chelsea members having been on the Yarra River around Docklands for the celebrations and fireworks in the city overnight, and no sooner than her bottom was dry, she was off again to the Waterways Lake.


Back on dry land and only slightly wet feet


Picking up the boat and heading for home

Great job to everyone involved and let’s keep that spirit of cooperation going right throughout 2013.


A great job by both services and their volunteer members

Happy New Year and welcome to 2013!

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