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Cat Trapped

Call for the cat whisperer


Chelsea Rescue 3 arrives on scene

Just before 5pm on Tuesday afternoon (22/01/2013) Chelsea SES received a call for assistance to rescue a kitten trapped in playground equipment at Bicentennial Park on the corner of Thames Promenade and Scotch Parade in Chelsea.


Here Puss Puss?

When Chelsea members arrived on scene, it was soon discovered that the kitten was stuck in an area underneath the giant slide. A passerby who had seen the kitten and called for help had been trying without success to coax the moggy out with some tasty munchies, but the cat was having nothing to do with it and was staying put.


If we just remove this?


So who's the skinniest here?

The first thing the Chelsea crew had to do was gain access to the confined area and then try to decide just which of the volunteers had gained the least weight over the Christmas break and would be able to squeeze into the tight spot to release the kitten.


I'm going in!

After further examination, it was decided that member Alan Temling had drawn the short straw and was going in.


The fast & the furious

Soon after making it all the way inside the confined space, the SES volunteer and the trapped kitten came face to face and that was enough for the cat who came out of the opening like its tail was on fire!


I was framed I tell you

Luckily, a member of the public was on hand to make a magnificent catch and soon the lucky moggy was back in custody, but this time in a pet carry case, a little scared, but otherwise unhurt by its adventure, not so sure about Alan though.


Meeting the superstar puss after the ordeal

The crowd of kids and parents that had gathered to watch the rescue unfold were then soon gathered around the cage to catch a glimpse of this new superstar puss and by the ooh’s and ahh’s coming from the crowd, this puss was a hit, as well as the caring volunteer members from Chelsea SES, just another day in orange.


The mighty & the vanquished.

A quick temporary repair job to close off the confined area until City of Kingston can make more permanent repairs and the crew left the kitten to his new fans and headed back to the unit after a job well done by all, but with special mention to the cat whisperer, Alan, good on ya mate.

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