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Chelsea member on deployment

Tornado Alley Strikes at the heart of Victoria


This home lost its entire roof

Just before 8pm on Thursday evening (21/03/2013) the Bureau of Meteorology believes at least 2 tornado's touched down in and around the Victorian border town of Mulwala and along the Murray River. Winds reportedly hitting speeds of between 250 and 300kph, hit towns in the area leaving a trail of devastation normally associated with tornado alley in the Midwest of the US.


Debris was littered accross a huge area

Ambulance Victoria treated 20 people including 2 who had to be flown to Melbourne in critical condition. The storm lasted only minutes but left behind a tangled mess of trees, power lines, debris and destruction, as well as an enormous monetary cost to the entire area; it is a miracle that no lives were lost.


A homes roof dumped into the bush

Following the storm, VICSES were inundated with calls to the area; however, initially it was difficult for crews to get through to the worst hit areas due to the number of large trees blocking roads which had to be cleared as they went in order to gain access.


This caravan was one of those that bore the brunt of the storm

It soon became clear that crews from outside the area would be needed to back up local crews and so the call went out. Chelsea Controller, Ron Fitch, was one of the first to respond, being deployed with a crew from Brimbank unit on Friday morning.


Thrown like toys in the ferosious winds

Ron sent back messages to try to convey the destruction throughout the area, but only pictures can truly capture the full extent of the damage. In Koonoomoo, Ron saw firsthand, the power of the storm and the pictures of a caravan that was simply picked up by the incredible winds, thrown, and was then left impaled onto a large tree speak volumes.


Amazingly, noone was killed in the storms

One home that had lost its entire roof, took 2 crews more than 7 hours to tarp, so as you can imagine, the massive cleanup is going to be a long, slow job. Huge trees have been ripped out of the ground and tossed, damaging property and vehicles where they landed.


A massive clean up is now underway

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