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Lucky Escape All Around

Mixed Fortunes in Dandenong North


What a mess
Chelsea SES were called to assist Police in Dandenong North just after 1.15am this morning (24/06/2013) after a car lost control and slammed into a property in Brady Road under the super moon and in just 2 degrees.


The rubble came with 450mm of the bed

Chelsea Rescue 2 and Chelsea Transport rolled with 6 volunteer members to the location to make the building safe. On arrival, members began by installing a number of acrow props to ensure that there was no further collapse and then the task of clearing the rubble could begin.


Power had to be cut to the units due to damage to the power box

A female was in bed less than a metre from where the car came to a stop and luckily was shaken but not injured. A male friend who was also at the home, heard a loud bang from the lounge room and was heading down the hallway to the front bedroom to make sure everything was OK. One of 2 cats living at the property ran ahead of the man and into the open doorway of the bedroom and then the door slammed shut from the impact of the car coming through the wall and debris falling into the room.


Searching for the puss

It was discovered later that the vehicle travelling along Brady Road had clipped a parked car which turned out to be the male occupant’s vehicle and then lost control, crashing through a low brick fence and letter boxes, across the front lawn and through the front of the unit.


The trail of destruction

The point of impact was adjacent to the main power box for the entire block of 5 units and so the power company had to disconnect power to all units which also meant that emergency accommodation was required for the occupants.


The parked car which was the first point of contact by the Bravo

First members on scene were told that it was believed that the cat may have net his maker under the brickwork. Members began carefully removing the bricks from inside the room checking for any signs of the puss but as the last rubble was removed, it became obvious that the cat had indeed used up one of his 9 lives and had exited through the opening left by the runaway Mazda Bravo.


Where to from here


The team hard at work and trying to keep warm

Later in the morning we learned that the puss had been reunited with it’s owners and so it was a night of mixed fortunes, on the good luck side, no one was injured, including the puss but of all of the parked cars in the street, it had to be the occupants that was hit and began the trail of destruction.


About to become TV stars

Members cleared the scene after almost 2 hours in the freezing conditions and were more than happy to get back to LHQ. Police arrested a man at the scene after he refused a breath test, he was taken away for further questioning and investigations are continuing.