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Special visitor to Chelsea SES

Hey Paddy; Welcome to Chelsea!


Paddy joins the kids at Chelsea Occasional Care

It was a very exciting morning in Catherine Avenue, Chelsea today as a very large and very orange visitor came to call.


High 5's and hugs were the order of the day

First stop was Chelsea Occasional Child Care where almost 20 preschoolers were very excited to meet their special guest. Paddy took time to meet with the kids and share some really big hugs and cool high 5’s.


 Nice hats

Next stop was a visit to explore Chelsea Rescue 2 and of course those all time favourites of flashing reds and blues and we couldn't forget a blast on the siren.


Those sirens can be very loud

Before this Paddy showed the kids how to cover their ears as the siren is very loud and then showed off some of the equipment that Rescue 2 carries including the Slow sign, a flashing baton and of course, a chainsaw.


Paddy had his hands full with this wriggler

The kids took turns in wearing SES helmets as well as holding onto the flashing baton which proved to be very popular indeed


Paddy and Chelsea member Steve checking out Chelsea Rescue 2


Looking good with a flashing traffic baton


Anything Paddy can do...


Slow down!


This takes BYO to a whole new level

One young lady believed in being prepared and had her own chainsaw with her; never leave home without one I say; and took to a shady tree in the playground very nicely, definitely a future volunteer member at Chelsea I think.


Next stop Chelsea Kindergarten

A few more hugs and it was sadly time to say goodbye and head across the road to the slightly older pupils of the Chelsea Kindergarten.


Paddy was soon swamped

Paddy was soon swamped and joining in with the fun and games. Another tour of Rescue 2, more flashing lights and sirens and then it was time to dance.


The kids just loved Paddy's tail

Following the fascination of Paddy’s tail, a make shift conga line soon formed with Paddy leading the way all the way to the gates and the sad farewells that saw Paddy’s visit to Chelsea come to an end.


It's Pied Piper Paddy


Instant Conga line


Time to say goodbye

It was really great to have Paddy joining in our 60th anniversary celebrations and we have left an open invitation for him to come and visit whenever he can spare the time.


Thanks for coming Paddy!

Thanks Paddy!

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