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Super Saturday At Chelsea SES

Big day for volunteers


The start of a busy day

Saturday the 6th of July proved to be a very busy day for the volunteer members at Chelsea SES but not a single call out was recorded. Almost 20 members spent most of the day at the unit participating or assisting in the latest General Rescue assessment as well as some members being tested for Roof Top Safety. On top of this, it was D day for our old pagers with all members receiving their new high tech replacements in a mass change over.


Ready to roll

Two teams were going through their paces for General Rescue and each person had to complete 3 stands that represent various tasks that an SES volunteer can expect to undertake at various call outs.


Assessors look on as the team goes through their paces


In another area the second team begin their first stand


Getting down to work


Lowering the patient into the Stokes Litter


Moving the patient through an incline

For this assessment the stands were, lifting and cribbing, simulating the release of a person trapped beneath a heavy object; patient handling, ladders and lights, simulating a person who has fallen from a roof or ladder and has to be transferred from the area and rescue of an injured person on an incline, where an injured person has to be recovered from a sloping area using a Z pulley system to winch the person to the top of the incline.


Working on the Z pulley system


Assessor Andrew and Unit Controller Ron keeping an eye on things


The lifting and cribbing stand begins

Safety, is always the primary concern, whether in a training assessment like General Rescue, or in the field at a real event. With this in mind it is crucial that elements including wearing all correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including helmet, gloves, safety glasses etc. continuous risk assessment and clear, precise communication are all enforced by the assessors.


It's all a matter of balance


Teamwork is so important in this stand

These stands are designed to replicate real life scenarios and to assess each individual member’s skills as well as their cooperation in working in a team environment and although they working as a team, they are still all assessed as individuals.


Up a little on the left


Simulating lifting a heavy object off of a trapped person


Checking the levels

At the conclusion of the practical elements, the members complete a theory component and it is the combination of these 2 things that eventuate in either being deemed competent or not yet competent.


In the midst of it all we had the pager change over

During the day, all members had to change over their pagers to the new style and Costa from ESTA was on hand to ensure that everything went smoothly.


Trying to work out the intricases of the new pager

Like any new toy, members were soon discovering the complexities of the new high tech pager and it was quickly agreed that watching the instructional DVD was the way to go.


Moving on to roof top safety

The afternoon saw the spotlight move to the rooftop safety assessment with 2 Chelsea members and a member from Springvale Unit taking part.


The 3 Amigoes ready, willing & able!

To begin with, the members needed to show the entire setup for the rooftop safety system on the ground and only then putting this into practice and actually going up onto the roof with the system in place.


All in order


Going through the various parts of the harness


All secure


Sdaly there are no points awarded for style

Each member had to begin by dispatching the throw bag containing the main line over the roof of the building, the assessment was about getting the bag over and it was interesting to see the various styles incorporated to get the job done. No points were awarded for style, although, had there been, it would have been gold all around.


Ready to start moving up


Chelsea SES Rooftop safety landing pad...Just in case


Members hit the roof with the assessor


Going through the questions on the roof


Reaching the summit

As the afternoon went on, the rain began to fall and the wind picked up but it didn't deter anyone until the assessment was completed.


And now we just need to go back down

Congratulations to the members who completed their General Rescue and Roof Top Safety competences during this weekend and we look forward to them transferring this training knowledge into on the job experience.
Thanks to all those members who helped out and congratulations to the successful participants.

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