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Large Storm Ends Winters Warmest Day

Trees down across Chelsea area


The rain and wind hit Chelsea around 4pm

Following the warmest Melbourne July day on record (23.4 degrees), a strong storm front swept across the Bay and hit the Chelsea operational area at 4pm and as darkness began to fall, so did the trees.


The high winds played havoc with trees in the area

First was a large branch that had blocked the entire roadway in Carole Court in Aspendale Gardens, next was a little like déjà vu, same address, but different tree; this one had come down onto a fence but was soon dispatched.



The first tree was in Aspendale Gardens

Soon, Mentone was calling, with 2 more tree jobs. The first was a small branch that had come down from a private property and was partially blocking the footpath but the second was far more involved.


This tree in Parkdale also damaged down power lines

A large tree branch had come down and was blocking Fifth Avenue in Parkdale and had also become tangled in the power lines.


Police assisted with the road closure in Parkdale

With Police closing the road on one side of the incident and Chelsea Rescue 3 closing the other side, work commenced to clear the offending obstruction.


This one took almost an hour to tackle

Once the power company had given the all clear, member Allan began cutting back the tree as other members cleared the foliage and trunk from the scene.


Pleanty of cutting and clearing to re-open the road


It took almost an hour to complete this last job and in spite of our fears, all members were back at LHQ around 7pm ready for the next round of calls whenever they come.

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