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Car V House in Edithvale

Oh what a feeling?


This is what greeted the crew from Chelsea when they arrived on scene

Chelsea were called to assist in Bristol Avenue, Edithvale around 8.40pm last night (11/08/2013) following an accident when a car went through the front window of a house.


A lucky escape for the driver


The car ended up in the window

The driver of the car was reversing into his driveway, but instead of coming to a stop, the car ended up travelling backwards for approx another 6-8 Metres, ending up on top of a couch in the lounge room of the home.


Damage was more superficial than structural

The driver was the sole occupant of the car and there was nobody else in the home at the time.


The car ended up on the couch


Luckily, the house was empty at the time of the accident

Luckily, there appeared to be no structural damage to the property with the damage being limited to the aluminium window frame that took the brunt of the impact.


This piece of glass punctured the back tyre of the car

The car had limited damage and in fact, was driven onto the back of the tow truck and the driver, though shaken, sustained no injuries at all which was the best news of the night.


Once the car was out of the window , it was driven onto the tow truck

The crew were on scene for almost 2 hours before standing down and returning to LHQ.

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