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Wild, Wild Spring Weather

Damaging winds sweep Melbourne


Tree down traffic hazard, words we would hear  a lot today

As rain hit Melbourne in the early hours of Thursday morning (26/09/2013), gale force, damaging winds were not far behind.


Clearing the tree from the roadway

The first calls for assistance came through just after 7.30am and then became a steady stream over the following hours.


Last cut done

With calls for trees down on roads and creating traffic hazards from Parkdale to Carrum, crews were kept very busy. In the space of 3 minutes, 2 jobs were received for trees down on cars in Aspendale Gardens as well as trees down in properties throughout Aspendale Gardens, Mordialloc and Carrum.


The first of 2 jobs for trees on cars in Aspendale Gardens


This one was in Regatta Drive

In the midst of this, Chelsea was asked to support Hastings unit by covering a building damage job in Baxter and then to support Moorabbin with a crew for various jobs.


Jackie Court, Aspendale Gardens saw the second tree hit a car


The tree wins


A new windscreen I think?


Getting ready to unearth the car


The team made sure that no further damage was done to the vehicle


Run for the hills!

Even when things are as busy as today, there are always lighter moments. At a job in Northcliffe Road, Edithvale where a tree branch had come down and blocked half of the road, member Allan Crompton went to work with the chainsaw to remove the offending tree when suddenly a possum complete with baby on her back, scampered out of the downed foliage, ran across Allan’s foot and up the branch of what was left of the tree, very frightened, but still in one piece; the possums that is, not Allan who was also no worse for wear following the experience!

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