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Magpie Rescue


The distressed bird caught in a tree
It’s not even footy season, but already the magpies are in the news. Not Travis Cloke or Dane Swan or even Eddie McGuire this time. On the eve of Australia Day, this is the perfect story of going the extra mile to help out a mate, even if that mate is a feathered friend caught in a tree. 

Around 10am on Saturday morning (25/01/2014) Chelsea received a page for an animal rescue regarding a baby magpie that was caught in a tree and in distress.

On arrival, members Bruno and resident unit animal whisperer, Daniel assessed them situation and made the decision that although difficult, something had to be done as the bird was indeed in distress.

The problem was that the bird had caught one leg in-between two branches and was left hanging upside down by its trapped leg. Not wanting to use the pole saw because the noise may have distressed the bird even more, it was decided to use a hand saw on an extension pole to cut through the branch and try to free the bird.

The issue with doing this however, was that the bird may have been more severely injured as the branch fell, but it was decided that if nothing was done the bird would probably not survive anyway.


Gently does it
Delicately, the branch was cut through until it started to give way and then as it began to drop, the birds leg was freed and it managed to fly off before the branch hit the ground.


I'm off!

It soon landed and it was apparent that the leg was badly injured. Members then followed the bird and as they got closer, quietly calmed the bird and gently placed a towel around it and carried it back to the truck.


A short lived flight to freedom
On advice from the crew on scene, Duty Officer, Rich Jenner, placed a call to Wildlife Victoria who was going to attend to take the bird away for treatment. The bird was wrapped in a towel and placed in a box with another towel covering the box in an attempt to keep it calm.


You'll be right mate


A bond quickly developed between the rescuer and the rescued


Dan gives his new friend the once over

All in all a great job by the members from Chelsea and the crowd that gathered to watch the rescue unfold were full of praise for the team and their expertise and their caring for this small but feisty resident who it appeared would live to fly another day.


A badly broken leg, but hopefully the bird can make a full recovery

In a sad post script to the story, the little bird was taken to a local vet for a full examination where it was discovered that the injuries were far worse than at first thought. The vet agreed that by rescuing the bird from its position in the tree, that at least we had been saved it a lot of pain and distress, however, it was decided that the most humane thing to do would be to put the little bird to sleep. Sometimes no matter what we do, the damage is already done and that was the case this time.

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