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Edithvale Tin Shake 2014

Chelsea SES Volunteers Shake Their Cans

ets01 450

Lots of empty tins to fill

Chelsea volunteers converged on the intersection of Edithvale Road and Nepean Highway this morning (01/03/2014) to launch Autumn with a bang for one of our biggest fundraising days of the year.

ets03 450

 Pleanty of cars hopefully means plenty of donations

  ets04 450

Everyone wanted to give what they could

ets11 450

Member Desanka on a mission

ets06 450

Our animal whisperer Daniel talking someone into a donation

ets07 450

That's right; just drop it in here

ets08 450

Member Ria was kept busy on the Highway

Members collected from 9am to 5pm and were kept busy thanks to the generosity of our local community. Unlike last year when the temperature hit 35 degrees, today was a balmy 23 which was a far more comfortable environment to work in.

ets12 450

Looks like synchronised donating from these two cars

ets09 450

"Very happy to help and keep up the good work"; thanks ladies

ets10 450

Every dollar helps

ets14 450

Great support from on high including Paddy Platypus

Chelsea member and super local resident Mel, and her family, kept the volunteers fed and watered which was very much appreciated throughout the day.

ets13 450

A smile goes a long long way

The final figures are now in, the counting is finished and the thank you's can begin. WOW!!! Thank you so much to everyone who GAVE ON ORANGE yesterday at the intersection of Edithvale Road and Nepean Highway; thanks to your amazing generosity, the volunteer members of Chelsea SES raised the fabulous amount of $8,917.00! THANK YOU! Also, a huge thank you to the Chelsea members that gave up their time all day \yesterday to make this possible.

ets02 450

The sign says it all; THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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