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Should have gone to Specsavers

A week of truck muck up's


Please avoid roof damage?

Well so far the week leading up to Easter has seen the volunteer members of Chelsea SES having a good deal of interaction with trucks and the mess left behind when trucks come into contact with solid entities like trees and or buildings. Our first encounter was on Monday afternoon (14/04/20141) with a call for assistance for a rental truck that had had an altercation with a tree in Carrum.


That can't be good

To say that it wasn't a good day for the driver of this Thrifty truck would be an understatement. Soon after picking the truck up from the Moorabbin Depot, he was travelling along Valetta Street in Carrum when the truck clipped a tree and dragged the large branch some 10 Metres after it became wedged in the roof of the truck.


Trying not to do any more damage


Cleaning up the last  bits and pieces

When Chelsea Rescue 3 arrived on scene with Chelsea volunteer members, Ron, Ria, Jared and Gavin on board, the emphasis was on ensuring that no further damage was done to the truck, especially the roof of the cab.


Do you think it can be polished out?

With some clever pole saw work the tree was soon off of the truck and the tow truck was moved into position.


Now that's a tow truck

After a couple of hours, a replacement Thrifty truck arrived just as the damaged vehicle was disappearing into the sunset.  On the positive side, there were no injuries involved except for possibly a bruised ego.


Up up and away

Then, on Thursday evening (17/04/2014) we received a call to Como Parade West in Mentone where Police had requested SES assistance after a semi trailer and the awning outside of the ANZ bank had come together in a none too clever way. It seems that the truck driver had attempted a U turn in a street where that is just not a good idea at any time, especially not in a large semi trailer, and in doing so had proved once again that when an irresistible force meets an immovable object; something’s got to give; and it did.


The view that greeted the Chelsea crews

Just before 6.45pm on Thursday evening (17/04/2014) Chelsea SES was requested to assist Police in Como Parade West where a shop awning had collapsed.


Luckilly there were no pedestrians passing at the time

On arrival at the scene it was very clear that whatever had come into contact with the awning had done significant damage.


Large sections of the awning had come loose

Parked, facing the wrong way, on the opposite side of the road was a large semi trailer and Police then explained that the damage had been done when the truck driver had attempted a U turn which needless to say, had been a bad idea from the very start.


Lights were required to ensure safety for the volunteers


 Vicpol members look on as the Chelsea crew set to  work


 The busy shopping centre was quiet leading up to the holidays


Safety first, checking the area

Crews arrived in Chelsea Rescue’s 1, 2 and 3 and after closing off the footpath and bus lane, got to work in making the underside of the awning safe.


 Down she comes


Crews clearing the steel decking

The truck had taken out almost 12 Metres in total including some small damage to the Newsagents awning next door.


The truck took out the entire awning

A section had collapsed onto the footpath on impact but other areas were hanging dangerously and it was decided that the entire underside of the awning would need to come down.


Making the area safe

The City of Kingston building engineer, Hesh, was on scene very quickly which of course makes the entire decision making process so much faster and smoother which was very much appreciated by all on scene.


Watch out for the Possom

After almost 2 hours, the awning was deemed safe and the building managers team took over, clearing the debris and ensuring all aspects of the safety of the area where completed to the satisfaction of Council who also arranged barriers to close the area of footpath under the awning.


Almost there

It is said that these things come in 3’s, but let’s hope that in this case that’s wrong, because in this week leading up to Easter, Chelsea unit for one has had enough of trucks hitting innocent objects to last our volunteer members through until Christmas. On a serious note, please take extra care over the Easer break if you are travelling on our roads as simple losses of concentration can have disastrous consequences. Stay safe and arrive alive this Easter.

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