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FloodSafe Week 2014 Initiative

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The message is simple

As the residents of Waterways awoke this morning, (25/05/2014) there was a tinge of orange running through their street and around their lake, as 17 volunteer members from Chelsea SES set about delivering FloodSafe information packs to almost 800 homes in the area.


Destination Waterways

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The troops arrive

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Time for a brief briefing

The initiative, set up by Chelsea SES Community Education Officer, Allan Crompton and Unit Controller, Ron Fitch was designed to offer information and tips to the residents in the event of localised or flash flooding caused by heavy, prolonged rain or storms.

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Teams check their designated area maps

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Community Education Officer Allan Crompton

Homes directly adjacent to the water front, also received a DVD showing them how to sandbag to be well prepared and to do whatever possible to avoid water entering the property.

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A nice day for a walk

Over the past few years, Chelsea SES has been called to assist residents with various degrees of flooding within Waterways and that is why they were chosen to be the recipients of this pack during FloodSafe 2014.

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Ready to deliver

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Some residents received the message first hand

When a major weather event, large enough to create flash or localised flooding occurs, Chelsea SES would normally receive large numbers of calls for help and so have to prioritise them to ensure that the most in need are assisted first. With this in mind, if there are many properties under threat from flooding in an area, even though they will get there as soon as possible, it is not always possible to have a crew available straight away.

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More information packs ready to go

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Every home in Waterways gets one

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This one won't be going in the bin

If you find yourself in this position and have called 132500 for SES help, you can begin to put some measures in place yourself to give you some extra time to keep your feet dry whilst waiting for the SES to arrive.

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The info packs must get through

Recyclable shopping bags filled with sand or soil make great for temporary sandbags and can be placed outside, in front of doors or windows to stem and influx or water. Towels rolled up and placed in front of doors and windows inside your house will also help.

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Pounding the pavement for a good cause

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Job done

A Home Emergency Plan and a Home Emergency Kit will also mean that in the worst case, you will be prepared and not have to try to plan under the stress of flooding. You can find information about the Emergency Plan here, and the Emergency Kit here,

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How's it going?

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You have mail!

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Back to the truck boys

The other vital message regarding flood water of any type is too stay away. Every year, more people are killed by drowning from entering flood waters. They always believe that they know best and by the time they realise that in fact they don’t, it is often too late. The simple message is never enter floodwater; you don’t know what you’re getting into!

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Making sure every home gets the message

Stay safe and with these simple tips, it may just help to keep you high and dry the next time a major weather event occurs.

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