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November Tin Shake 2014

Pink is NOT the new Orange!

CTS14 02

Ready to go

The volunteer team from Chelsea SES are out and about at the intersection of Centre Dandenong Road and Warrigal Road in Cheltenham, rattling the cans to raise the much needed funds to continue our work assisting our community.

  CTS14 01

Just collect the money, that's the long & short of it

As we mentioned, in case you were wondering why we are so far from home, the City of Kingston has only 2 locations for organisations to raise money in this way, where we are today in Cheltenham and at the intersection of Edithvale Road and Station Street in Edithvale.

CTS14 03


You need to be quick on your feet for this job

With that in mind, it was to say the least disappointing that the Kingston City Rollers, roller derby team, were set up and collecting money just one intersection away from us at the corner of Centre Dandenong Road and Grange Road near DFO.

CTS14 05

Thank you Maam

Never mind; we are used to adversity at Chelsea SES and so we quickly moved on at the intersection of Centre Dandenong Road and Warrigal Road and just in case of any confusion, we are the ones in orange, not the ones in pink, on roller skates.

CTS14 07

This is a tough intersection with so may different lanes

On a positive note, we would like to say a huge thank you to the staff and management of the Shell/Coles Express service station who have welcomed us and allowed use of all of their facilities today, and remember; pink is NOT the new orange!

CTS14 04

In our cozy can shaking HQ thanks to Coles Express

CTS14 08

Our creed for the day was "move quickly, rattle hard"

OK, so after shaking our cans, rattling our tins and walking the soles off of our shoes; we can give you the result of our labours.

CTS14 09

Just movin down the line, shakin my can

First the not so good news; we have collected a vast number of interesting bits and pieces from all over the world today, who knew that the intersection of Centre Dandenong Road and Warrigal Road was in fact the crossroads of the World. We collected:
4 X Washers
3 X Aldi Trolley Tokens
1 X Car Wash Token
A Selection of Batteries
A Ted Baker Medallion??? (We understand this works well as a Woollies trolley token)
We also collected a selection of coins from the following:
Hong Kong
New Zealand
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

CTS14 10

Let the counting begin!

And now for the really good news; in amongst this treasure trove of foreign antiquities, there was indeed a sprinkling of good old Aussie cash, in fact, more than a little.
Thanks to our wonderful, generous community and the sensational job done by a small, dedicated number of our gallant band, we have raised an amazing $9,165.45!

CTS14 06


Well done to the 17 volunteer members who gave up their time to make this day happen, and special thanks to the 5 members who worked all day, not just for the collecting, but for the hours of work involved in setting up the day and in collating and counting the money.  Well done everyone!!!