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Chelsea SES has 4 mainline rescue vehicles. Chelsea Rescue 1, Chelsea Rescue 2, Chelsea Rescue 3 and

Chelsea Transport as well as 2 IRB's (Inflatable Rescue Boats) and a fully self contained Storm & Flood Trailer.


Chelsea Rescue 1 - First responder and general rescue vehicle

single story properties.


Chelsea Rescue 2 - Brand new State issued first responder vehicle and general rescue vehicle

double story properties.


Chelsea Rescue 3 - Brand New First Responder Light Rescue for both single & double story properties.

N.B. This vehicle was an amazingly generous donation by the Carrum Downs Branch of the Bendigo Community Bank.


Chelsea Transport- General rescue and situation assessment vehicle


IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) . IRB's are used mainly for

inland waterway and river search and rescue.


Chelsea's new Storm trailer. This unit is completely self contained with pump, generator, lights and heaps of other gear The trailer comes into it's own when the unit is hit with multiple events. With this, we can dispatch the trailer with a crew and radio and leave them on scene while the towing vehicle is then available to be dispatched to other tasks, a fantastic new State issued resource!

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